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Less is more

Among the applied time management tools there is a tool Agile Results.

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Time-management is different

Speaking Time-management, we have implied a lot more.

GOAL (Purpose) how much in this word

We can talk infinitely about goals and goal-setting, and sometimes it’s even useful.

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Alpha and Omega of Time Management

Even more important than the Inbox technique is the Day-Week-Analysis technique..

Step by step

Where to start time management ?! I’m a adherent of Step by step technique.

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They say goals should be SMART. Or rather S.M.A.R.T.

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Time management is dead, long live time management.

Humanity (the best part of it) has long been using such a glorious tool as time management. At the same time, often without understanding what it is. I’m not an exception.

If we accept that time management is time management, and the main goal is to make life more free time. I started (7-8 years ago) a time management system, in my life there was more free time, but the expected relief, in itself, did not bring it.

Why am I! Pure time management has not been used for a long time. Attention-management, energy-management, life-management, etc. have appeared. And, oddly enough, even the introduction of these techniques and technologies does not bring satisfaction. I think it’s more correct to call “that’s all” happiness-management (happiness-management), and then everything falls into place. It becomes clear why all this is necessary. The question remains, «How?»

But more about that next time.

P.S. Install the Evernote software. Without it, in time management, well, absolutely nothing;)