Even more important than the Inbox technique is the Day-Week-Analysis technique..
This technique is Alpha and Omega of Time Management. Not knowing anything about time management and simply adhering to this technique, you already do most of the ordering and harmonization of your life.

Without exaggeration, you can say, except for this technique, you do not need anything. All other techniques are just auxiliary tools.

The essence of the Day-Week-Analysis technique is as follows. Every day you evaluate the day that has gone. And every week, respectively, the past week. So simple!

 In the morning, before the start of the day, you can evaluate those tasks (morning page technique*), which must be completed, primary and secondary. In the evening, evaluate the past day, think about what happened, what did not work. How can I fix what happened / turns out badly. Write down some positive points (Technique Success Diary*). At the end of the week, you can devote more time to such an analysis and evaluate not only the past week, but also all your goals, your whole life (Technique Wheel of life, Technique Six level model *).
This approach allows you to keep abreast of your life..
*- Specific examples of techniques that are only auxiliary are indicated in italics. It is not necessary to use these techniques to conduct the Day-Week-Analysis».