Speaking Time-management, we have implied a lot more.
For example, I mean the following:

Time-management (classic)- Classic time management. This is the same diary, organization of the working day, schedule of the day.

Information-management- Information flow management. Structuring and storage of information. Fighting Junk Information.

Habbit-management- Habit management. How to instill a good habit, how not to break, how to get rid of a bad one.

Attention-management- Attention management. How not to be distracted. Pomodoro technique. How to keep concentration.

Energy-management — Energy management. How to maintain energy.

Life-management — Life planning. Plans for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years … who is more ?!

Happiness-management — No comments :)

Meaning of life-management — Also no comment :).