Online training


«EverGTD — How to feel Hakuna matata»

Training consists of three modules:

  1. EverGTD Basic level
  2. EverGTD Advanced
  3. EverGTD PRO

The duration of each module is 2 hours.

The cost of one module is $ 30 »
(price valid for May 2020)

We can use any programm you want: Skype, Zoom or any other.

Please contact me:
mobile: +38 067 234 50 89

Module 1. « EverGTD Basic Level »

  1. Install and configure Evernote. Basic Use Skills.
  2. Set up effective use of Evernote, Mail, Dropbox, Contacts.

Module 1 is aimed at users who find it difficult to master programs as such. If you are already using Evernote (or other PIM), you can safely go immediately to Module 2.

Module 2. « EverGTD Advanced Level »

  1. Basic Time Management Techniques
    1. Inbox technique
    2. Daily regulation.
    3. Flexible and inflexible tasks
  1. Setting up the Evernote program for the tasks of Time Management.

Module 3. « EverGTD PRO »

  1. Technique « Engineering »
    1. The philosophy of the six-level model.
    2. «Engineering » algorithm Step by step.
  2. Weekly and monthly regulations. View from a height of 50,000 (see Six-level model). Algorithm.
  3. Additional Time Management Techniques
    1. Pomodoro. Concentration of attention.
    2. Free writing. Mindmap
    3. Windows of creativity. Flow.
    4. Delegation and control



Time management, they sad, is the art add your time, but time cannot be added. It is not possible to add the 25th hour per day or the 8th day of the week. But you can prioritize, you can minimize the loss of time. It is important to create such a system of information storage that would spend the minimum amount of time searching for the right one at the moment.
That is what I teach people. I teach you how to use the EverGTD system, which allows you to keep your priorities in front of you and allows you to effectively manage the information flow of everyday life.
The EverGTD methodology contains the most effective and at the same time very easy to use techniques. Using EverGTD, you can easily manage the information flow, always keep your goals in sight, organize your goals and stop worrying about lack of time.
EverGTD combines the capabilities of GTD and Evernote®!


? What is a GTD ?

GTD is a system for putting things in order, first proposed by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done, which made a revolution in the West in the field of productivity and labor efficiency.


? What is EVERNOTE ® ?

Evernote is a program that allows you to easily remember any information — insignificant or very important — on a computer, phone, tablet or through a web browser.